Venetian terrazzo floor specialists for over 50 years

Citton has been working in the Venetian terrazzo field for over 50 years.

Learning from the terrazzo masters of the period and the first important works began back in the early fifties.

Since then, an ongoing commitment to research for materials and construction tecniques has enabled Citton to offer its customers a unique product of quality.


Industrialization, standardised work processes, technology, computerisation: all key concepts for today’s modern society.

However, I want to tell you about places where tradition is valued and makes the difference. Of people who enjoy the beauty evoked by old materials even in most modern homes. And of reflections that only natural elements have.

My work involves manual skills, handed down techniques, great care that is so seldom found, and the passion necessary to create something unique. Speaking today of Venetian Terrazzo means discovering the taste and style of an old tradition projected in today’s context and combined with architecture, design and imagination.

And it is actually imagination the only limit to finding always new solutions.